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The American Royal Celebrates 125 Years!

The Independent is proud and pleased to be sharing a milestone anniversary with one of Our Town’s most significant civic treasures – The American Royal! As we celebrate their 125th year, we would like to share a few historical treats. Founded in 1899 as the National Hereford Show, the 300 head sold were at the Kansas City Stockyards for an average price of $344.00.  In 1922, the first permanent structure for the Royal was built, but burned to the ground in 1925. The rebuilt version stood from 1926 to 1991, when the current complex was built. In 2026, the American Royal will open a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Wyandotte County. 

As we look back into our agrarian history, we find what a large part the American Royal played in the lives of citizens. Whether we were being urged to help increase the world’s food supply, or viewing the possible fashion connections for spectators, to awarding many thousands of dollars to competition winners, the significance of this quintessential event was not to be underestimated.

Featured in the April 6, 2024 issue of The Independent.