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Tech Savvy And Tying The Knot

Love in the digital age knows no bounds, and neither do the ways we celebrate it. This year, Kansas City offers new ways for couples to show their devotion and document their unique love stories. In 2024, planning a proposal no longer requires going it alone, and the term, “wedding content creator,” has evolved. 

Riley Canty of Yes Girls, and Vlad Leto, co-owner of Paparazzi Proposals, shared their thoughts on the trend of virtual proposal planners and insights to craft the ideal proposal. Meanwhile, Carmen Desiree of Socially Weddings dished on what she envisions will be a permanent fixture of modern weddings – content creation.

Naturally, one must first propose or accept a proposal before walking down the aisle. It’s a brief moment that will be remembered for a lifetime, which is why some choose to hire the services of a professional proposal planner.

Riley’s company, Yes Girls, is located in Orange County, California, and provides fully custom proposal design ideas for clients across the United States and abroad. Once an idea is selected, the virtual proposal planner handles all outreach, including communication with vendors and venues to provide the client with options. In addition, the planner will design and order all custom décor and ensure that everything included in the design comes together and is perfectly placed for the client’s big day. “All the proposer has to do is show up and enjoy one of the most special moments of their life,” Riley said. “We make sure everything is perfect and beautiful. Planners will take care of any guests who might be in attendance to make sure they don’t spoil the surprise.” In addition, Yes Girls planners can also provide pre-proposal advice. 

Similarly, Vlad, whose company is based in New York City, helps individuals across the country choose the right idea, location, and time to pop the big question. His company, Paparazzi Proposals, also assists with sourcing well-placed decorations and ensuring the photographer is at the right place at just the right time to document the moment. “For some people, the proposal is more important than the wedding,” he said. “The proposer doesn’t know the answer, and the person on the other side of the proposal doesn’t know it will happen. It makes it more interesting and there are more emotions.”

In Vlad’s opinion, proposers who don’t opt for professional help run the risk of thinking their idea is a good one – when in reality it can be disastrous. To that end, Vlad highlighted Christmas or Thanksgiving Day proposals as popular choices but cautioned against them due to the distractions of festivities and family gatherings. Similarly, proposing at a sporting event may detract from the intimacy of the moment. “A proposal isn’t something you need to share with hundreds of strangers,” Vlad said. “It’s more about the two people than about putting on a show.” 

Rather than opting for holidays and showmanship, Vlad recommends selecting a date and location that holds personal significance for the couple. “The proposal should be based on the relationship, like the location of a first date or other memories specific to the relationship,” he said. 

Overall, executing a meaningful proposal comes down to careful planning. While he says social media may influence the photos or decor of the moment, the finer details count the most. “Don’t rush the planning process,” Vlad said. “Take your time with options and ideas, and ask for advice about the location and time.”

Indeed, special moments from the initial engagement to walking down the aisle require careful consideration and ways to document these memorable moments. This is where wedding content creators come in. This trend blends the tradition of documenting a wedding day with the relatively newer art of a well-timed social media video or snap. 

Carmen Desiree is one such creator in Kansas City who focuses on capturing the small, big, and in-between moments of a couple’s wedding day. In the age of social media, people want personalized snaps, videos, and reels to share online. “Everyone wants to share everything on social media,” she said. With a professional content creator, a couple and their guests can relax, put their phones down, and be in the moment. “I capture everything and that’s really nice because a lot can get missed,” Carmen said. “I relieve the stress of capturing the behind-the-scenes moments for them.” 

Carmen has been a social media influencer for brands including Netflix, Hallmark, Marriott, and other notable companies. As such, she understands people want the option to personalize their snaps to match their feed aesthetic. With this in mind, she delivers all photos, raw and unedited, within 24 hours after the wedding. “A completely raw and unedited view of the day is something that not a lot of people get,” Carmen said. “A photographer spends hours editing the perfect image. Whereas, with content creation, they can relive moments that aren’t usually captured. I get to capture the little jokes in the background, and all of the laughter, and I think those are really important.”

Additionally, Carmen said couples enjoy the instant gratification of receiving photos immediately following the wedding. Not only do they get to relive the big day, but guests can also receive all of the videos and photos via a cloud folder. “It really helps the day go smoothly, especially when you have 10 people in a wedding party and everyone wants the pictures on their phones,” she said. “This way, the album can be sent out to whomever they want.”

Considering how social media has infused the wedding industry, Carmen, who is also a bride-to-be, pointed to the uniqueness of modern weddings. “I’ve noticed weddings aren’t nearly as traditional as they used to be and social media could definitely play a part in that,” she said. “I don’t think couples are as afraid of stepping out of the norm for something unique and/or fun on their big day. Even for those who may not like social media much, it’s always fun to have a video go viral!”

While wedding trends may have evolved with technology, planning and capturing personalized, meaningful moments remains a fixture of modern love. Couples’ access to specialized proposal planning services and wedding content creation gives those about to say “I do” more unique and memorable ways to create and capture the most special occasions of their lives.

Featured in the June 1, 2024 issue of The Independent.
Photo Credit: TYG Photography
By: Monica V. Reynolds

Monica V. Reynolds is an award-winning former reporter who honed her skills at a daily newspaper in Northeast Louisiana. After spending more than a decade in Austin, Texas, she recently moved to Our Town. Monica’s passion for journalism extends to documentary short filmmaking and photography. She is the founder of Vox Pop Marketing, an online marketing and web design firm that helps small businesses develop an authentic, magnetic message and online presence.


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