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KidsTLC – 2023 Open

Shadow Glen Golf Course was the site for the KidsTLC Open on June 5th. Games and refreshments, including a champagne wall and wine slushies, were part of the festivities. This year’s winners, Zach Myers, Ron Shaver, and Rob Heise, received green jackets and a trophy. John Holt, Dennis Kadel, Andy McDonald, and Michael Lauf won the Daniel Keating Spirit Award. Proceeds are earmarked to support residential and outpatient services for children and their families who are facing mental and behavioral health challenges. 

Zach Myers, Ron Shaver, and Rob Heise, winners of the 2023 KidsTLC Open


Lane Phillips, Jennifer Lowe, Kendra Best, and Jill Phillips


(Front row) Ty Rouse (back row) Kaleb Lilly, Justin Mahoney, and Kevin Jones


Mike Miller, Kyle Spackler, Michael McDonald, and Bill Mead

Featured in the August 5, 2023 issue of The Independent. 
Photo credit: Jeff Evrard