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First Call – Celebration Evening

More than 350 guests gathered for First Call’s Celebration Evening: A Night of Recovery & Hope on September 14th at The Gallery Event Space. Partygoers enjoyed a delicious dinner and an inspiring address from Keynote Speaker Mackenzie Phillips. Brooke and Jeffrey Kuntz served as the chairmen. Proceeds help support the mission of First Call to reduce the impact of alcohol, drugs and addiction by providing quality resources to individuals, families and the community.

1. Bill Burnett, Susan Matney, Karen & Norm Carpenter, Janice Colt,
Bill Burnett and Susan Matney, Karen and Norm Carpenter, Janice Colt and Gary Jenkins, Brandy Fannan, Terry Glenn, and David Hegarty


2. Corey Dillon, Byron & Gerri Goinsburg,
Corey Dillon, Byron and Gerri Ginsburg, Jeanetta Ellis, Kirstin Stephens, George Lopez, board member; Katie Schauer, Michelle Comtois and Cynthia Fields


3. David Brown speaking
David Brown


4. Dee Pack addresses crowd
Dee Pack, board chairman


5. Feist Table
Emily Hage, John Sharp, Eslun Tucker, Jill Draper, Kathy Feist, Dauphine Sowell, Paul Edelman, and Amanda Cherry


6. Lon Switzer, SW, MP, Frank Martin
 Lon Switzer, board member; Susan Whitmore, First Call; Mackenzie Phillips, keynote speaker; and Frank Martin


Also featured in the November 11, 2017 issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: Brian Rice


Kids TLC – Benefit17

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UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance – Crescendo 2017

Peggy and Terry Dunn were the honorary chairmen, and Dalene Bradford and Nancy Thiessen served as co-chairmen of UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance’s Crescendo 2017.  More than 1,100 guests…

Catholic Charities Foundation of NE KS – St. Martin of Tours Mass and Reception

November 10th was the date for Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas’ St. Martin of Tours Mass and Reception. The event recognized supporters of Catholic Charities’ annual Snow Ball, to…

ReDiscover – Take A Bite out of Stigma

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