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Editorial Submission Details

Please submit your information by noon on the specified due date.
  • Photos

  • If you are sending less than five photos, please email to Jenny Owens Hughes at jenny@kcindependent.com. If you are sending five or more photos, please submit a contact sheet with a thumbnail version of each photo with the photo number, and please place the above items on a USB drive and mail it to: The Independent, 4233 Roanoke Road, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64111 attn: Jenny Owens Hughes. You can also choose to use Dropbox or a zip file.
  • For a photo to be used, all persons must be identified with first and last names. Photo placement/usage is at the discretion of The Independent. Photos that are submitted for use on our website should be different photos than submitted for use in our magazine.
  • * We do not accept photos with a person’s back facing the camera or with a person’s eyes closed.
  • We only credit professional photographers. We do not credit staff members or volunteers.
  • A text document with caption information and corresponding photo numbers from the .jpg files (Please label your photos with a number and a word, i.e. 1. Rose Brooks, 2. Rose Brooks, etc. DO NOT use the caption as the file name.)
  • Event Details

  • Please know that we write the final copy for all editorial features. You may submit your event information in paragraph form, bullet points or a general outline of details. We do not include logistical information in editorial features, i.e. phone numbers, websites or email addresses. We do not provide proofs of editorial features.
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