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Crib Note – John Oliver Robert Dunn

Sarah Marie Ingram Dunn and Alec Dunn are lullabying a new little darling! John Oliver Robert Dunn was born on September 28th. He weighed eight pounds, one ounce, and was 20 inches long. John Oliver is the first grandchild for Laurie and Chip Ingram and Julie and William Dunn. His great-grandparents are the late Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Maher, Mrs. Robert Palmer Ingram, Jr. of Kansas City, Missouri, and the late Mr. Ingram, Mrs. Gerald Robert Jondahl of Greenwood, Mississippi, and the late Mr. Jondahl, and Mr. and Mrs. William Floyd Dunn, Jr. of Yuma, Arizona. John Oliver has gray eyes and brown hair. His canine companions are Delta, a golden doodle, and Otis, a sheepadoodle. Delta hides when John Oliver cries, but Otis stands guard to oversee all activities. 

Beth Ingram with her great-grandson, John Oliver Robert Dunn

Featured in the November 26, 2022 issue of The Independent.