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Celebrating Black History with The Village KC 

Di’Anna Saffold founded The Village KC in 2020. The organization offers programs and activities for Black students in the fifth through the 12th grades. There are four main topics: the arts, holistic health and wellness, recreational activities, and bright futures, (which focuses on college, career, trade, and entrepreneurial tracks). The Village KC supports Black-owned businesses by hosting quarterly events, which are a win-win for everyone: vendors showcase their wares and profit from sales, and then they donate to the organization, thus helping to continue its programming. Volunteers are needed to chaperone evening events for students, assist instructors with programs, serve as mentors, and spread the word about The Village KC. Learn more at thevillagekc.org. 

Pillair, Jayden, Vanessa, and Brandon at an art session   

Featured in the February 4, 2023 issue of The Independent.