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Celebrating Black History Month with Exceeds Expectations

Marilyn Chappell founded Exceeds Expectations in 2016. The organization provides seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching, all with the goal of ending generational poverty in the African American community. Exceeds Expectations presents financial literacy workshops within faith-based organizations, corporations, schools, and families. The organization offers financial leadership programs geared toward youth and adult financial stability programs. In addition, there is Financial Literacy in a Box, which features curriculum, worksheets, and videos. Exceeds Expectations is seeking people who are experts in their fields to serve as guest speakers at workshops and also on Mindful Mondays broadcasts, where the topics include finance, health, and community information. The organization is also looking for women volunteers for the upcoming Girls Fired Up: Youth Financial Leadership Program for Girls. Learn more at execeedsexpectations.org.

(Left) Marilyn Chappell, founder and chief executive officer (right) Rome Johnson, summer financial literacy program participant; with Marilyn Chappell, founder and chief executive 

Featured in the February 4, 2023 issue of The Independent.